Basic FEED

The self-sufficient, modularized 6-axis robot loading cell FEED with its innovative standard setup saves your precious floor space. The layout of the handling system is designed
for bulk loading or single tray loading with in/out drawers, conveyors and stacking module. 

Automation_Basic-FEED_Drawer storage

Drawer storage

Extension stage 1

  • single drawer 400 x 400 mm for max. workpiece height incl. workpiece trays up to 120 mm
  • max. weight 20 kg

Extension stage 2

  • double drawer system located in sandwich orientation
  • per drawer the size of 400 x 400 mm is usable for smaller trays, bigger trays or intermediate size of trays
  • workpiece height incl. work piece trays up to 60 mm
  • max. weight 20 kg per drawer



  • Tray size max. 240 x 400 mm
  • Tray size min. 160 x 160 mm
  • Height of workpiece trays max. 60 mm (incl. workpiece)
  • Work tray buffer with tray length of 4 trays
  • Working load in/out conveyor max. 40 kg each

Technical Data

Basic Data

  • Control S7 Siemens
  • Electrical connection 400V / 50 Hz – 2.5 kVA 16 A
  • Table height of module 935 mm
  • Floor space 1650 x 830 mm
  • Weight 1.600 kg


  • Robot-Type RS007LFF60 Kawasaki (standard) or alternative robot (Fanuc)
  • Protection class IP67
  • Net load max. 7 kg (standard), optionally max. 10 kg
  • Operating distance 930 mm (standard), optionally max. 1450 mm
  • Position accuracy ± 0,03 mm



Your Benefits

Modular concept

  • work piece handling with internal 6-axis robot
  • fully autonomous cell incl. tray handling system
  • innovative sandwich setup reduced floor space to a minimum
  • standard basic modules: Shuttle, SPC / NOK
  • integration possibility of optional additional modules

Simplified reorganization flexibility / Extension flexibility

  • Modular concept enables comprehensive reorganization and set back possibility
  • Robot usage for internal loading enables easy upgrade of system for further work piece variants
  • Flexible and fast adaptation to changing production conditions via modular setup and extensibility conveyor system, staple module or palletizer 

Modular Interface to external Systems

  • Consistent hand over to external guiding-, conveyor-, bulk-, or tray feeding
  • Easy upgrade of higher autonomy systems (orientation on production increase)