Integration modules

In order to cover the wide range of additional requirements, we have developed standardized integration modules for the regularly encountered requirements, which are positioned in fixed relationships within the Basic FEED. In this way, we achieve maximum standardization and at the same time the highest possible conversion and extension flexibility - in short, maximum benefit!

SPC/NOK drawers

  • up to 6 controlled workpiece rows 


Automation_Intergration modules_SPC/NOK drawers

Workpiece Shuttle

  • shuttle for work piece hand over into the machine (Key-Hole-Solution)
Automation_Intergration modules_Workpiece shuttle

DMC Camera

  • different camera systems for QR code, poka yoke or parts verification can be implemented



Automation_Intergration modules_DMC Camera

Measuring station

  • up to 2 different measuring stations can be integrated into the system for internal/external diameter measurement


Automation_Intergration modules_Measuring station

Air-Knife-cleaning station

  • blow off nozzles located into a cover can be orientated variable 
Automation_Intergration modules_Air-Knife-cleaning station