Global Locations

Worldwide, we are there where our customers need us!
Customer proximity is important to us!

In the area of sales and service, BAHMUELLER is represented for its customers by its own subsidiaries in 3 countries and cooperation partners in 21 other countries. Thus we offer our customers short distances, optimal on-site support and contact persons with whom they can communicate in their own language.

BAHMULLER Global Locations

Since its formation in 1945, the company headquarters as well as the central development and production site have been located in Plüderhausen (Germany). From here, our customers as well as sales and service organizations are globally supplied. 

Managing Director/CEO: Dipl.Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Michael Holtmann

WILHELM BAHMÜLLER Maschinenbau Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH

Wilhelm-Bahmüller-Straße 34
73655 Plüderhausen

Due to its increased internationalization, BAHMÜLLER founded in 2000 BTI Bahmueller Technologies Inc. located in Charlotte, North Carolina, in order to have a local presence for its customers. BTI supports sales and after-sales service on the American market with local specialists.

President: Mr. Michael Strauss

Vice President Precision Grinding/Administration: Mr. Gerd Staadt

Vice President Corrugated Board Division: Mr. Benjamin Lauterbach

BTI Bahmueller Technologies, Inc.

10815 John Price Rd. Suite A
Charlotte NC 28273

In 2010, BAHMÜLLER founded its subsidiary Wilhelm Bahmueller Precision Machine (Beijing) Co., Ltd. with headquarters in Beijing to meet the constantly growing requirements of the Chinese market. BTCn supports sales as well as after-sales service on the Chinese market with local specialists.

President: Mr. Michael Strauß

Vice President: Mr. Song Jiwu

BTCn Wilhelm Bahmueller Precision Machine (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District
BEIJING 100004

In 2011, BAHMÜLLER founded BTRo Bahmüller Technology Romania GmbH, based in Germany. A branch office was established in Iasi, Romania.  BTRo supports sales and after-sales service on the Romanian and neighboring markets with local specialists.

President: Mr. Michael Strauß


BTRo Bahmüller Technology Romania GmbH

Wilhelm-Bahmueller-Strasse 34
73655 Pluederhausen