Specialty Boxes – Discover the possibilities

Specialty boxes belong among the most common used packaging types in trade and industry. Almost everywhere specialty boxes meet the requirements for shipping, product protection and ecological interests.

From relative simple designs to highly complex ones, like POP (Point of Purchase), specialty boxes have taken a firm position in our daily lives. To produce these boxes economically and efficiently is the task for  BAHMÜLLER Specialty Folder Gluers.

Various packaging design options, be it multi-piece packaging or complex geometrical designs, like displays, BAHMÜLLER machines can produce these designs at industrial output levels.

Learn more about different packaging designs and how we will meet your demands:


Manufacturers Joint Sealed Boxes

You just would like to seal the manufacturers joint (FEFCO Code 0201)? Folding-in of lids is not necessary. At BAHMÜLLER you will find the right solution.


The box with the automatic bottom

You would like to fold-in the top and bottom lids and apply 2 additional glue spots? We have the proper solution!


Folded sleeves, Covers and Trays

You would like to produce folded sleeves as well as trays and lids? With our BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®Solutions we offer the latest technology of highest manufactured quality “Made in Germany”.


Combi-packaging with full-cover bottom and lid

You would like to produce either in-fold or out-fold trays? We provide you with an opportunity to produce single-blank boxes with integrated bottom and lid to form a self-closing box.

Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf-Ready Packaging

BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®Solutions combine multi-piece packaging perfectly to produce packaging solutions for increased shipping strength and fiber reduction.


The Star of Point of Purchase (POP)

You are concerned about optimal converting of your high-graphic printed and cut displays? Discover the possibilities.