Powerpack Line

Highly efficient battery packs are playing an increasingly important role in e-mobility. But the demand is also steadily increasing in everyday life, whether as a drive for the e-bike, for manual tools such as cordless screwdrivers or hedge trimmers, or as a drive for wheelchairs.

State-of-the-art production processes in battery pack assembly with constantly changing batch sizes and products require the highest flexibility with the shortest changeover times.  New, holistic and intelligent solutions are replacing established rigid systems with high individual costs.

The BAHMÜLLER PowerPack Line meets these new requirements. Due to the modular structure, your PowerPack automation grows with your requirements; from cell insertion to cell connection, necessary test stations to final assembly. 

In the sense of integrated modularity, your battery packs can be transferred at the end of the PowerPack line to our Packaging Line for integration into a housing and for packaging, labeling and picking. Everything from a single source.

We increase your flexibility and output.  Efficiency in Motion. FEED

Feed of round cells

Specific components and process features:

  • 1. Input of delivery containers
  • 2. Separate from delivery container (multi-gripper)
  • 3. Empty container discharge
  • 4. Deposit of multiple cells on form-fitted conveyor belt
  • 5. Option: Reading of specific data (batch, etc.)
  • 6. Impedance check (ok / not ok)
  • 7. Pole oriented/opposite filling of the flexible feeding channels with ok cells
  • 8. Rejection of not ok cells

This allows us to achieve:

  • maximum flexibility in terms of capacity increases or product changes
  • shortest times per piece
  • maximum output on only 16 sqm
  • coverage of common pole connection methods 
  • in-line integration of test and measuring stations

Powerpack assembly

Specific components and process features:

  • 1. Place lower cell holder on cell holder carrier
  • 2. Inserting the cells into lower cell holder considering pole orientation
  • 3. Option: Place upper cell holder
  • 4. Vertical pressing
  • 5. Prepare pole level 1 for welding (flame treatment, plasma cleaning, ...)
  • 6. Option: Flip and prepare pole level 2 for welding (flame treatment, plasma cleaning, ...)
  • 7. Remove pole connector from magazine and connect pole level 1 (welding, soldering, ...)
  • 8. Option: Flipping
  • 9. Option: Take out pole connector from magazine and connect pole level 2 (welding, soldering, ...)
  • 10. EOL test (power test 100%, ...) 
  • 0. Separate lower / upper cell holder (CH) and feed from magazine
  • 1. Magazine lower cell holders (lCH)
  • 2. Magazine upper cell holders (uCH)
  • 3. Magazine 1 pole connectors
  • 4. Magazine 2 pole connectors
  • 5. Circulating belt with cell holder carrier (CHT)

Powerpack integration in housing takes place in Packaging Line