In addition to the basic cell, the modular automation system of FEED offers numerous modules to expand the processes and increase the autonomy. BAHMÜLLER automates complex logistics processes incl. testing, measuring, handling, cleaning as well as pre- and post-treatment tasks..


The self-sufficient, modularized 6-axis robot loading cell FEED with its innovative standard setup saves your precious floor space. The layout of the handling system is designed for bulk loading or single tray loading with in/out drawers, conveyors and stacking module.

Information on BASIC FEED

Integration modules

In order to cover the wide range of additional requirements, we have developed standardized integration modules for the regularly encountered requirements, which are positioned in fixed relationships within the Basic FEED.


Additional Process Modules

Independent of the standardized integration modules, we are able to further integrate customer project-specific stations/modules. These can either be installed in the Basic FEED, or alternatively they can also be accommodated in an extension cell  of "the same design". With regard to the processes, there are in principle no limits to the process modules.

Information on Additional Process Modules

Extension Cell

An additional workpiece storage or an extension cell for additional process modules can be added at any time to the base cell to increase the autonomy or to integrate additional modules.

Information on Extension Cell