BAHMÜLLER – Innovation Management

For more than 70 years, Innovation and R&D are the drivers and guarantors of our success.

BAHMÜLLER has early taken advantage on of the technical challenges we have been confronted with to move the business from a conventional machine builder to a future-oriented high-tech, precision system supplier. Today BAHMÜLLER is a leading and global-oriented technology supplier in three highly specialized business segments.

To continuously maintain this level of performance huge investments in R&D are required. More than 20% of our personnel resources are tasked with innovation and R&D. Best in Class is not just our strategic and technological claim. It defines our daily activities and sets development priorities. It is our objective to make our customers even more successful in their business through newly developed products and innovative process know-how from BAHMÜLLER.

All this is only possible if the corporate climate and conditions are conductive to encourage innovation and new concepts in order to break new ground all the time.

It is my personal mission to create this environment!

Yours Michael Holtmann

CEO and Managing Director