Management Team

Since the death of the founder’s son, Hans-Jürgen Bahmüller MEng., who passed away unexpectedly in January 2015, Mr. Michael Holtmann MEng., MBE took charge of the business.

With Michael Holtmann, a successful manager and industrialist has taken the reigns of the business. He enjoys an excellent reputation in the field of special equipment manufacturing as well as system solution and automation technology.

As head of the executive management team which is made up of 6 seasoned long-term managers, Michael Holtmann is the CEO of the business. The executive VPs are in charge of the three business units, Precision Grinding, Corrugated Board Converting Systems, Precision Tool Holders, as well as the corporate divisions of Finance, HR and Manufacturing.

Next to the responsibilities vis-à-vis our customers, who are entitled to an ever growing level of quality of our products and services, the executive management team takes responsibility to create a climate of innovation and creativity within the corporation.

Bahmueller Geschäftsführung