Shipping Containers – BAHMÜLLER Sealing Methods for your Package Concepts

In industry and trade appropriate quality and structural strength of shipping containers play a vital role. In BAHMÜLLER you have a competent partner with appropriate solutions to meet the high demands for shipping containers.

We can offer a wide variety of corrugated converting systems which incorporate excellent sealing method allowing you to offer your customers intelligent and customized packaging concepts.

Learn more about the various sealing methods und our matching solutions for your requirements:


Easy economical

You are interested in an efficient sealing method for your packaging needs using glue? With our BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®Solutions we offer you a complex product portfolio.


A secure seal – our specialty

To provide the ultimate protection of your products that are subject to strenuous transportation conditions we offer a wide variety of options for you.



The seal with a fiber-reinforced tape

If your sealing focus is on tape, you will find the right solution for your machine.