Taping – The sealing method with the fiber reinforced tape

For the sealing method taping you will find at BAHMÜLLER for each plant size the right size equipment for corrugated converting. Boxes of the type FEFCO 200 - RSC are sealed with hotmelt tape. This sealing method finds its application for shipping containers as well as packaging solutions for hazardous items. Taping also can be of benefit if you run food packaging. In some countries and regions shipping containers containing food are not allowed to be sealed with staples. Here tape offers and economical solution. Using tape it is also possible to eliminate the sealing tab. In this case the opposing panels can be sealed together with tape for a secure fit. Additionally, a combination seal of glue and tape is also possible.

The tape itself is made of various fiber-reinforced paper layers. The adhesive is thermally activated to form a secure seal on the surface of the corrugated board after cooling off.  The advantage is that the box is fully recyclable – metal staples do not need to be removed.

Taping – The sealing method with the fiber reinforced tape


Some small orders and samples a frequently produced manually. Automation is not employed.

BAHMÜLLER does not offer any tools and equipment for this process.


Semi-automatic production of shipping containers is a multi-step process. Blanks to be converted are brought individually or by pallet to the BAHMÜLLER SEALING LINE. The operator folds the panels along the creases and feeds the blank into the machine. In our semi-automatic BAHMÜLLER sealing machine glue is applied, the panels are pressed together, exit the machine and are being stacked.

Sealing Champion

Your semi-automatic machine for sealing single-piece boxes

The product line SEALING CHAMPION is your solution for sealing single-piece boxes.

Double Champion

Your semi-automatic machine for sealing single- and 2-pieces boxes

The product line DOUBLE CHAMPION is your solution for automatic sealing of single- and 2-piece boxes.


Flexo-Folder Gluers from BGM – Bahmüller & Göpfert Wellpappen-Verarbeitungs-Systeme GmbH offer you the ability to efficiently produce fully automatically shipping containers with inline stitching. A pre-feeder is delivering the sheets to our inline machines which can be equipped with feeder, print units, slotter-scorer, and rotary die cutter. Following the blanks are transferred to the folding and sealing units. The BGM machines offer three sealing methods – glue, stitch and tape. In general the INLINER machines produces boxes of the FEFCO 200 Series - RSC.

BGM Flexo Folder Gluer

Flexo-folder gluers of the premium quality for highest process availability

You are looking for a high-output flexo-folder gluer of premium quality and highest process availability? BGM Bahmüller und Göpfert GmbH offers the product lines CONTAINER LINE and CASE LINE as intelligent solutions for your requirements.