6-Corner – Combi-packaging with full cover bottom and lid

6-corner in-fold glued boxes represent a special category among specialty boxes, FEFCO Code 0759 and 0761. They offer a variety of special applications. An integrated top and bottom in one blank makes it possible to produce a complete self-closing box.

The flat-folded box has a low shipping volume and at the point of filling it can easily be erected and filled. The design of the box requires a complex production process.

With the addition of several accessories these boxes can be produced on the BAHMÜLLER SFG. The open and modular design of the machine along with its functional modules allow for a an efficient production setup and maximum production output.



Entry into Specialty Box Converting

BAHMÜLLER offers the right machine for each converter and for each budget. The JETBOX is the perfect entry-level model or as an additional machine to support production. The JETBOX was developed based on experience and using major components of the very successful TURBOX with BOXFLOW®CONTROL.


An innovative, producer-oriented Specialty Folder Gluer BEST IN CLASS

For more than 10 years the TURBOX series has successfully established itself – now in its 3rd generation. The modern and future-oriented TURBOX ensures short setup times, as well as a high rate of production. Profit from flexibility of the modular construction principle and profit from innovative quality assurance and a high rate of process consistency.