Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

High-end Shelf-Ready Packaging at the point of sales (POS) are placed directly onto the shelf without unpacking of the individual items. The high-graphic printed box is covered by a shipping container, which will be removed at the supermarket to reveal the graphic-printed display.

SRP boxes can contain up to 3 individual pieces. The BAHMÜLLER TOPMATCHER applies hotmelt and cold glue to fix together the pieces before conventional sealing and folding completes the finishing process in the SFG. The multi-piece feeder produces multi-piece packaging for custom applications, box reinforcement or fiber savings applications.


An internal divider provides protection for the product inside the package.

The BAHMÜLLER TOPMATCHER can produce composits, FEFCO Code 0931 0934 0933, of different substrates. This provides an opportunity to produce a lighter and more cost-effective package. The inner material can be lighter, saves space and reduces the manufacturing costs.

The insert is fed via a transport belt inside the TOPMATCHER to eliminate the possibility of mismatching. Knicks can be reduced or even eliminated to produce a box optimized and ready for automatic erection equipment.

Fiber savings of double digit percentage are possible to create a sustainable package design.

Lighter, coated board grades serve as the printed surface while inserts provide internal support and stability. The result is a perfect POS package providing maximum stability.


Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Entry into Specialty Box Converting

BAHMÜLLER offers the right machine for each converter and for each budget. The JETBOX is the perfect entry-level model or as an additional machine to support production. The JETBOX was developed based on experience and using major components of the very successful TURBOX with BOXFLOW®CONTROL.


An innovative, producer-oriented Specialty Folder Gluer BEST IN CLASS

For more than 10 years the TURBOX series has successfully established itself – now in its 3rd generation. The modern and future-oriented TURBOX ensures short setup times, as well as a high rate of production. Profit from flexibility of the modular construction principle and profit from innovative quality assurance and a high rate of process consistency.