DOUBLE CHAMPION – Your semi-automatic machine for sealing single- and 2-piece boxes

You need to seal single- or 2-piece XXL boxes automatically? At BAHMÜLLER you will find the right machine. With the machine series DOUBLE CHAMPION you can produce high-value 2-pieces boxes of different layouts. Our semi-automatic DOUBLE CHAMPION DCN 25/36, DLN 25/36 and DLN 25/45 ensure efficient production of small and medium size orders at a high availability rate and short setup times. We manufacturer intelligent solutions for sealing methods stitch, tape and glue, as well as combination sealing method glue/tape and glue/stitch.



  • High production accuracy
  • Optimal alignment of boxes with cut-outs and die cuts of various layouts
  • Production of square blanks
  • Exact positioning of staples
  • Compact modular construction – retrofit able to meet future production requirements

Working width (mm)
max. 3600/4500 (142/177)

For the production of
Single- and 2-piece XXL RSC

The BAHMÜLLER DOUBLE CHAMPION DCN 25/36 and DCN 25/45 is the basic machine that can be offered with all sealing methods. You can economically produce and seal not just single- and 2-piece boxes but also die cut blanks and displays.

The DCN 25/36 and DCN 25/45 can be expanded to DLN 25/36 and DLN 25/45 with additional auxiliary equipment to allow production from stack-to-stack.

 Livting-table with Operator platform

  • Scissor lift-table with roller conveyor side feeding
  • Stack heigt according to demand
  • Automatic level adjustment
  • Operator friendly and ergonomic operation
Lifting-table with operator platform
PVA- and Hotmelt-Glue Units

PVA- and Hotmelt-Glue-Units

  • Hotmelt and PVA glue units
  • Extrusion system
  • Glue application to support inside or outside sealing
  • Electronic pre-set of glue line start position and order length

Stiching head

  • Oscillating high-capacity head applying 850 staples/minute
  • Staple gap 20-80 mm (4/5” – 3 1/5”)
  • Combination sealing method stitch/glue is possible
Stitching head
Hotmelt Tape Unit

Hotmelt Tape Unit

  • Tape application speed 45 m/min (135 ft/min)
  • Digital entry of tape length and placement position
  • Infrared adjustable heating system for tape adhesive activation
  • Dual tape unwinder with splicing capability outside of the machine

Crushing Unit

  • Crushing of sealing position for triple wall board to ensure secure staple application
  • Pre-crushing of blanks during stitching process
  • Infinite speed adjustment
  • Reduction of stacking height
  • Improved stack level permits taller stack heights
Crushing Unit
Data entry via Touchscreen Display and Keyboard

Data entry via Touchscreen-Display an keyboard

  • Order data memory
  • Plausibility check of order entry
  • Staple calculator
  • Glue data entry
  • Error indicator in clear text

Pallet Stacker

  • Secure stack building via hydraulic lifting table
  • Exact stack positioning
  • Fast and accurate position adjustment via pull-chain
  • Lift table with or without roller conveyor
  • Lowering activation via photocell
  • Accurate piece counter
  • Stack discharge position based on customer preference
Pallet Stacker


DLN 25/36

DLN 25/45

2-piece blanks

Single-piece blanks

Single-piece blanks

Single-piece or two-piece blanks

Sealing method of manufacturers Joint: Stich, tape, glue or combination glue / stich or alternatively glue /tape:

Sealing method for manufacturers joint: Stitch, tape, glue or combination glue / stitch or alternatively glue / tape
BAHMÜLLER Sealing Method
Sealing Method
Blank depth [WM] Stitch / Glue / Tape 300-2500 mm (12” x 98”)
Stich 850 staples/min
Glue 60 m/min (180 ft/min)
Tape 45 m/min (135 ft/min)
Staple gap distance 20-80 mm (4/5”-3 1/5”)
Staple width 15 mm (3/5”)
Staple leg length 8-19 mm (1/3”-3/4”)
Wire size 2,5 x 0,4-0,68 mm / 2,4 x 0,8 mm
Tape width 40-80 mm (1 ½” x 3 1/8”)
Tape lenght 100-9900 mm (4” – 390”)
Caliper 2-16 mm

We reserve the right to make design changes based on technical developments at any time.