SEALING CHAMPION – Your sealing solution for 1-piece boxes

BAHMÜLLER sealing machines, SEALING CHAMPION SC 25/29-39 and SEALING LINE SL 25/29-39 allows the production of all common sealing methods on just one machine. As basic machine or equipped with additional accessories, we will meet your particular demands.

Our semi-automatic SC 25/29-39 and SL 25/29-39 of the SEALING CHAMPION series are your ideal companion for the efficient production of your short order business. BAHMÜLLER SEALING CHAMPION machines offer a high level of flexibility of using multiple sealing methods. We provide all common sealing methods, stitch, glue and tape as well as combination sealing stitch / glue. We also meet your demand, as part of the machine configuration, to have the ability to run triple wall.



  • Consistent Process Accuracy
  • Exact positioning of the first stitch
  • Compact machine layout in modular construction – upgradable if production requirements demand

Working width mm (inches)
max. 2900/3900 (114" / 153 ½”)

Production range
One-piece boxes with the following sealing methods: Stich / Glue / Tape

The basic machine SEALING CHAMPION SC 25/29-39 is capable to accept all sealing units. Our expert team came up with a design for the SEALING CHAMPION SC 25/29-39 series to economically seal single-piece boxes or die cuts.

To expand the capability of the basic SEALING CHAMPION SC 25/29-39 to that of the SEALING LINE SL 25/29-39 a variety of components are available allowing a stack-to-stack production.

Feed Table and Operator Platform

  • Scissor lift table with roller conveyer for side stack feeding
  • Adjustable stack height positioning
  • Automatic feed level adjustment
  • Comfortable feeding position / ergonomic design
Feed Table and Operator Platform
PVA- and Hotmelt Glue Unit

PVA- and Hotmelt-Glue-Unit

  • Choice of PVA or Hotmelt
  • Extrusion system
  • Glue application for inside or outside glue tab
  • Electronic pre-set for glue seamstart and application lenght

Stich Unit

  • Oscillating application head - 750 stiches per minute
  • Stich distance 20-80 mm (4/5” – 3 1/5”)
  • Sealing combination stitch / glue is possible
Stitch Unit
Hotmelt Tape Unit

Hotmelt Tape Unit

  • Tape application speed 45 m/min (135 ft/min)
  • Digital input of tape length and positioning
  • Adjustable infra-red heating system for sealing strip activation
  • Double tape unwind unit to splice tape outside the machine


Crushing Unit

  • Reducing board caliper to securely stitch triple wall
  • Cushing of blanks during stitch process
  • Seamlessly adjustable production speed
  • Reduction of stack height
  • Flatter stack level allowing for higher stacks
Crushing Unit
Data entry via Touchscreen-Display and key board

Data entry via Touchscreen-Display and keyboard

  • Safe order settings
  • Possibility check of order entry
  • Stitch calculator
  • Entry of glue data
  • Descriptive error indicator

Pallet Stacker

  • Precise stack formation – hydraulic lift table
  • Exact stack positioning using side plates
  • Quick format change using pull chains
  • Lift table surface with or without roller conveyor
  • Down-motion control via photo cell
  • Exact quantity count
  • Stack exit according to customer specification
Pallet Stacker


SC 25/29 - SL 25/29

SC 25/39 - SL 25/39

1-piece blanks

1-piece blanks



1-piece blanks

Sealing of the manufacturers joint using stich, tape, glue or a combination glue /stich alternatively glue / tape:

Sealing of the manufacturers joint using stitch, tape, glue or a combination glue / stitch alternatively glue / tape
BAHMÜLLER Sealing Method
Sealing Method
Blank depth [WM] stitch / glue 300-2500 mm (11 7/8” – 98 ½”)
Blank depth [WM] Tape 200-2500 mm (7 7/8 – 98 ½”)
Stich 750 Staples/min
Glue 60 m/min (180 ft/min)
Tape 45 m/min (135 ft/min)
Staple distance 20-80 mm (4/5” – 3 1/8”)
Staple width 15 mm (3/5”)
Staple leg length 8-19 mm (1/3” – ¾”)
Wire dimensions 2,5 x 0,4-0,68 mm / 2,4 x 0,8 mm
Tape width 40-80 mm (1 9/16” x 3 1/8”)
Tape application length 100-9900 mm (4” x 390”)
Caliper 2-16 mm

We remain the right to apply design changes due to continuous technical development.