POWERPACKER - Turn Speed Into Output

The most well-known machine as part of BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®SOLUTIONS is the specialty folder gluer TURBOX. An additional component was added to this machine: The FEFCO Innovation Award winning BAHMÜLLER POWERPACKER.

POWERPACKER - Turn Speed Into Output


  • Automation solution for complex sorting and bundling of box bundles
  • Flexible modular construction
  • High run-speed for maximum output
  • High operational safety - innovative quality assurance

Blank sizes mm (Inches)
Length: min. 200 (8”) max. 1000 (39 1/3”)
Width: min. 300 (12”) max. 1200 (47 ¼”)

Suitable for
Crash-lock boxes, crash-lock with partition, RSCs, boxes with dividers, 4-corner, 4-corner with lid, 6-corner in and outfold, and many more

Flutes: A, B, C, E, F, G, EE, EB, BC

Automation solution for complex sorting and bundling of box bundles

The POWERPACKER takes control of the shingled boxes just downstream of the specialty folder gluer. An automatic counting and separation unit takes the material and transfers it to a turning section and then passes it along to a fully integrated strapper.

The BAHMÜLLER machine control system BOXFLOW®CONTROL also manages all machine functions of the POWERPACKER. All motorized axis position can be stored. For repeat orders all previous settings for the same order are fully reproducible. Thus the setup process is greatly shortened.

High Run-Speed for Maximum Output

The POWERPACKER is ideally suited for mid- to long runs. Current customers report doubling the production output after installing the POWERPACKER .Most helpful in this regard also is the high flexibility of bundle formation based on box design and bundle count.

An integrated safety concept makes the POWERPACKER a very safe machine to operate.

Cost intensive human labor and the associate risk of bodily injury is reduced by employing the POWERPACKER. Your productive system will operate with less labor and higher output Performance.

Highest Production Safty - Innovative Quality Assurance

When operating either the TURBOX or JETBOX we recommend the use of various quality inspection systems, i.e. glue control, fold control and code reading in combination with the UNIQUE EJECT system. Since no manual intervention during the bundling process is performed quality inspection systems are well advised.

Flexible modular Construction Concept

You are benefitting from an international collaboration between German and Swiss machine engineers who incorporated the best available wide band strapping technology into the POWERPACKER. Our customer can now run a 5 mm band (1/5”) or a significant wider material in 15 mm (3/5”) and 30 mm (1 1/5”) width.

For your convenience, the POWERPACKER can also be installed behind existing specialty folder gluers, independent of the manufacturer. We gladly will assist you and provide a technical feasibility Analysis.