POWERPACKER makes a statement and convinces Switzerland

Model AG, CH-Weinfelden installed the first of the latest generation BAHMÜLLER POWERPACKER. Also, for the first time a POWERPACKER was equipped with a banding system form the Swiss supplier ATS Tanner AG.

Project Scope

Customer:International manufacturer of specialty boxes
Expectation:Productivity maximization

The mantra concerning the new investment for Weinfelden were very clear: Produce exactly the order quantity ordered, reduce waste to an absolute minimum, deliver the highest possible quality while keeping costs in check.

Considering this mantra as well as all plant and economic conditions Model decided in favor of the BAHMÜLLER POWERPACKER, which had previously been awarded the FEFCO Innovation Price in Bronze. Installed directly downstream of the specialty folder gluer, the POWERPACKER directly picks up the shingled stream of folded and glued boxes.


Following are the deciding arguments in favor of choosing BAHMÜLLER:

  • Automation of time-consuming sorting and bundling
  • Flexibility due to modular construction
  • High run speed to maximize Output
  • High availability - Innovative quality assurance system

During the project phase BAHMÜLLER convinced Model. Additionally, intensive training by the highly qualified application engineers forged a partnership between the two businesses. All challenges posed to BAHMÜLLER were solved successfully and the installed POWERPACKER convinced completely.

Please view the complete report (published by International Paper Board Industry):