Service Hotline – Your quick and competent contact partner

Should you require support for your BAHMÜLLER machine our qualified team of specialists also is available to help you outside of regular business hours.

Our experts help you to quickly solve problems. They will analyze the problem, coordinate required repair service – with BAHMÜLLER’s competent corrugated converting team you have a competent partner on your side to assure continuous production. We successfully reduce downtimes of your equipment along with associated costs and increase availability of your machine.

BAHMÜLLER Service Hotline
  • Qualified assistance outside of regular business hours
  • Reduced downtimes and associated costs
  • Increased machine availability

Service Hotline Corrugated Board Converting Systems:

+49 1806 224355 (24h Hotline)

Your special advantage: BAHMÜLLER Online-Service (BOS)

A quick and solutions oriented analysis of your problem is self-understood. Profit from our flexible service solutions and advantages:

Time Savings
Just a fraction of the time it used to take to do a failure analysis. Therefore you will have a higher machine availability.

Cost reduction
Lower repair and maintenance costs

Productivity increase
Productivity increase due to higher machine availability and optimized process coordination.

Qualified support for the service team; increased production productivity

Your BAHMÜLLER Online-Service-functionality encompasses:

  • Condition assessment of your machine
  • Analysis of diagnostic programs to support the technical experts
  • Onsite service coordination can be planned immediately
  • Long-distance maintenance, software update and programming