The modularly designed systems of all BAHMÜLLER series eliminates the separation of internal and external machining. They offer freely placeable combinations at first setup. You receive all microfinishing processes from a single source. This allows us to collaborate with you in laying the foundation for the unit cost efficiency and stability of your production.

Internal Grinding

Internal grinding is a machining process with geometrically undefined, multi-edged tools. In maximum precision overall systems, internal processing normally represents the more complex tasks.

High-precision internal grinding with BAHMÜLLER

External Grinding

External grinding is a machining process with geometrically undefined, multi-edged tools. We normally perform the external grinding task as a complementary process to a surface we have internally processed.

High-precision external grinding with BAHMÜLLER

Internal / External Grinding

BAHMÜLLER offers solutions for process integration in the area of internal and external grinding. This means that both internal as well as external grinding tasks can be performed in one work piece clamping.

High-precision internal & external grinding with BAHMÜLLER


Centerless external cylindrical grinding is a productive process for mass production of cylindrical work pieces, such as jet needles, cross pins, valves, slides, bearing bodies, etc. In contrast to other cylindrical grinding, the work piece is not friction-locked. Instead, it is located in the so-called grinding gap between the grinding wheel and the control wheel on a work piece support.

High-precision centerless with TSCHUDIN


Honing is machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges. The multi-edge tools perform a cutting movement consisting of two components. Honing is used for finish-processing of bores.

High-precision honing with BAHMÜLLER


Like grinding, the finishing process (super-finishing) is a machining process with geometrically undefined cutting edge, but with significantly reduced work piece and tool rotation and speeds.

High-precision finishing with BAHMÜLLER