Unit Cost Optimization Through Re-Design

We are in continual successful contact with our customers – including after delivery – in order to achieve the best possible cost-benefit ratio with our grinding machines.

We aren't afraid to question established processing techniques, methods and processes. With your decision to choose our innovative processing concepts, you can reduce the costs for new investments, among other things.

Your Benefits

  • significant unit cost reduction
  • product quality increase
  • significant production area reduction

Project Profile

Customer:corporation company
Services:process re-design
Application: diesel injection, valve group

Discover more about two of our projects with this focus:

Tool clamping concept

We developed a new production solution with an optimized clamping concept for a large automobile supplier and achieved the following results:

  • grinding operation cycle time reduced from 13 sec. to < 8 sec. (reduced by 30%)
  • investment costs reduced by about 8% over the previous
  • final work piece quality significantly increased
  • space required for subsequent expansion stages reduced by 45% compared to previous planning

Decoupling grinding operations concept

Through intelligent decoupling of two grinding operations on the work piece of a large automobile supplier, we surpassed the machine solutions previously supplied by the competition with these successes:

  • grinding operation cycle time reduced from 18 sec. to < 10 sec. (reduced by 40%)
  • final work piece quality significantly + reliably increased
  • required space reduced