Accelerated Transformation!
New products replace existing ones with ever increasing speed. Already today, the theoretical service life of our grinding machines is significantly longer than the life span of the products they create. This squeeze is continually increasing and formally mandates subsequent use, from an economic perspective.

Your Benefits

  • save on investments
  • extended service life of your machine
  • flexible use of your machine in case of product changes
  • all the advantages of a new machine
  • only minor instruction of your personnel required, since basic machine remains unchanged
  • no costs for shipping a complete machine

We are flexibly positioned for this with the following concept:

  • Machine in delivered state: overhaul as scheduled and comprehensive maintenance measure, in order to replace components in a critical state
  • To the state of the art: modernization through optimized components with identical function
  • New usage options: modification for processing other work piece types, as well as expansion or optimization of machining processes

Naturally, we can combine modernization with modification at your request.

The specialists at our subsidiaries around the world take on assignments at your location for machine inspection, and create a report on its condition. The service team at the main plant in Plüderhausen analyzes this data, creating a customized offering for continuing to use your machine in optimal fashion. The measures can normally be implemented on site at your location.

Have we piqued your interest?
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