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BAHMÜLLER manufactures clamping tools as standard and custom tools for all common spindle connections, such as HSK.., PSC, SK, etc.

Hollow shank taper

Taper sizes HSK32 to HSK160, form A/B/C/E/F/T The hollow shank taper has been established as the modern interface between machine and tool, and is characterized by the following advantages:

Alignment adapters

BAHMÜLLER alignment adapters are the perfect solution for the fast, easy and μ-precise setting of tools. Radial and axial fine adjustment can minimize concentricity errors in the μ range. This improves the surface quality during machining and extends tool service life.

Polygonal shank taper

The proven polygonal shank taper coupling (PSC) guarantees maximum repetition accuracy and short machine changeover times. Precise positional fixation and large torques are the arguments in favor of polygonal shank tapers. BAHMÜLLER designs and manufactures various custom holders, from PSC32 to PSC100

Modular system

MODULOCK tool holders are the foundation for flexible production and the connecting link between modern machine tools and tool blades.

Steep taper

The steep taper is the standardized form of a tool taper for clamping various tools in the main spindle of a machine tool. The steep taper is standardized in DIN ISO 7388 Part 1. Steep tapers are primarily used in milling machines and milling automation.


We can offer you the right accessories for your tool clamping systems.