Extension Cell

An additional workpiece storage or an extension cell for additional process modules can be added at any time to the base cell to increase the autonomy or to integrate additional modules.


Palletizer (up to 6 workpiece trays)

  • work load per tray max. 20 kg
  • 6 workpiece trays optionally with extraction
  • workpiece length max. 200 mm
  • access to workpiece trays from right or left side
  • size of work piece trays max. 400 x 600 mm
Automation_Extension cell_Palletizer

Stacking Module

Stacking module (up to 12 workpiece holders)

  • with max. workpiece length up to 200 mm, 4 trays can be stacked above each other
  • for shorter work pieces the max. of trays above is higher
  • tray size up to 400 x 600 mm for each
  • work load per tray max. 20 kg
Automation_Extension cell_Stacking Module