Gluing – Simply economical

Your requirement is to seal slotted or die cut blanks with glue? At BAHMÜLLER you will find a suitable system for converting your shipping containers. Depending on your requirements BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®Solutions offer a comprehensive choice of cold and hotmelt application methods.

The box has a manufacturers joint. Depending on the application the joint can be placed either on the inside or outside of the box.

Gluing – Simply economical


Manual production of shipping containers usually only applies to samples and special individual packaging with low piece count or boxes that are of unusual design which are not possible to run conventional machines. Sealing in these cases is done by hand-held staplers or by hotmelt.

BAHMÜLLER does not offer this kind of equipment.


Semi-automatic production of shipping containers is a multi-step process. Blanks to be converted are brought individually or by pallet to the BAHMÜLLER sealing line. The operator folds the panels along the creases and feeds the blank into the machine. In our semi-automatic BAHMÜLLER sealing machine glue is applied, the panels are pressed together, exit the machine and are being stacked.

Sealing Champion

Your semi-automatic machine for sealing single-piece boxes

The product line SEALING CHAMPION is your solution for sealing single-piece boxes.

Double Champion

Your semi-automatic machine for sealing single- and 2-pieces boxes

The product line DOUBLE CHAMPION is your solution for automatic sealing of single- and 2-piece boxes.


The Specialty Folder Gluer is a pure sealing machine for glued boxes. The printed and die cut blanks are fed into the BAHMÜLLER SFG, they are automatically folded and sealed with cold glue. We offer different versions and modules which make it possible to convert a huge variety of Specialty Boxes. Depending on the layout, multi-piece shipping containers, i.e. Shelf-Ready Packaging or Displays can be produced as well.

Flexo-Folder Gluers, made by BGM – Bahmüller Göpfert Maschinenbau GmbH are the perfect solution for:
Printing, slotting, die cutting, folding and sealing. This is done in an intelligent single-step process with efficient value-add opportunities.

In a single-step process the box is printed, slotted, and if applicable, die cut. The BGM flexo-folder gluers are capable of applying up to three different sealing methods; gluing, stitching and taping.


Entry into Specialty Box Converting

BAHMÜLLER offers the right machine for each converter and for each budget. The JETBOX is the perfect entry-level model or as an additional machine to support production. The JETBOX was developed based on experience and using major components of the very successful TURBOX with BOXFLOW®CONTROL.


An innovative, producer-oriented Specialty Folder Gluer BEST IN CLASS

For more than 10 years the TURBOX series has successfully established itself – now in its 3rd generation. The modern and future-oriented TURBOX ensures short setup times, as well as a high rate of production. Profit from flexibility of the modular construction principle and profit from innovative quality assurance and a high rate of process consistency.

BGM Flexo Folder Gluer

Flexo-folder gluers of the premium quality for highest process availability

You are looking for a high-output flexo-folder gluer of premium quality and highest process availability? BGM Bahmüller und Göpfert GmbH offers the product lines CONTAINER LINE and CASE LINE as intelligent solutions for your requirements.