4-corner – Folded sleeves, covers and trays

Among specialty boxes folding sleeves, FEFCO code 400, as well as trays and covers which are either glued in 4 or in 6 corners, play an important role. In most cases special accessories are required to produce these boxes. BAHMÜLLER machines are designed with the production demand for 4-corner boxes in mind. Our experts will provide advise concerning your particular requirements and come up with a suitable Specialty Folder Gluer configuration.

4-corner – Folded sleeves, covers and trays

Entry into Specialty Box Converting

BAHMÜLLER offers the right machine for each converter and for each budget. The JETBOX is the perfect entry-level model or as an additional machine to support production. The JETBOX was developed based on experience and using major components of the very successful TURBOX with BOXFLOW®CONTROL.


An innovative, producer-oriented Specialty Folder Gluer BEST IN CLASS

For more than 10 years the TURBOX series has successfully established itself – now in its 3rd generation. The modern and future-oriented TURBOX ensures short setup times, as well as a high rate of production. Profit from flexibility of the modular construction principle and profit from innovative quality assurance and a high rate of process consistency.