JETBOX – Your entry-level specialty folder gluer

Customer requirements change and not all box converters have the need for a high-end specialty folder gluer, such as the TURBOX. For those BAHMÜLLER developed the JETBOX; an entry-level machine for converters, or for production requiring additional specialty folder gluer capacity. The design goal was to offer a basic specialty folder gluer that would incorporate the experience and share major components with the TURBOX with BOXFLOW®CONTROL. Simply put, a machine for any converter for any budget.

JETBOX – Your entry-level specialty folder gluer

Shortes Setup Times

The specialty folder gluer JETBOX is a modern, future-oriented machine with a high level of automation, similar like the TURBOX. From the ACE-Feeder to the compression belt all axis are tied in with the BOXFLOW®CONTROL system. Setups and operation are simplified and lead to significantly shorter setup times.

The open, modular and ergonomically designed machine frame allows for easy access for the operator to efficiently run the equipment. A dynamic safety concept utilizing light curtains ensures a high degree of operational safety without negatively impacting productivity.

High-run speed for maximum output

The JETBOX is equipped with high-dynamic and low-wear servo-driven rear folding mechanism. Combined with a conventional front folding hook this combination achieves maximum output at a relatively low belt speed. A generously sized compression belt ensures solid glue bonding at full machine speed.

The BAHMÜLLER POWERPACKER is the ideal match for the JETBOX. Bundling and strapping is performed fully automatically and allows for running the JETBOX at its optimum machine speed. The JETBOX and POWERPACKER combined make for an economically compelling match by minimizing operating personnel.

JETBOX Advantages

  • A BAHMÜLLER specialty folder gluer for any converter, for any budget
  • Shortest setup times, high run speed, maximum output
  • Flexible modular design concept
  • High degree of operational safety, delivering high-quality boxes

Blank sizes mm (inches)
JETBOX 1700 min. 355 (14) x 120 (4 ¾”) max. 1700 (67”)  x 1500 (59”)
JETBOX 2300 min. 395 (15 ½”) x 130 (5”)  max. 2300 (93”) x 1500 (59”)

Suitable for
Crash-lock boxes, crash-lock with partition, RSCs, boxes with dividers, 4-corner, 4-corner with lid, 6-corner in and outfold, and many more

Modular Construction, Flexible Application

The modular construction of the JETBOX satisfies individual requirements and allows for retrofits in the future. This protects your investment and allows you to meet changing marking requirements. Not we define the machine but you – our customer, decides the needs and vision for the machine.

The BAHMÜLLER multi-piece feeder TOPMATCHER is the perfect addition to the JETBOX. Produce Shelf-Ready Packaging cost effectively as well as running specialties designed for fiber optimization and fully recyclable material combinations. The machine combines up to three blanks, if required of different board combination, at high speed.

JETBOX, your investment in a sustainable machine concept.

Precise Process Control

The Boxflow®Control system is the interface between man and machine. Various touch-screen displays and a remote control allow operation of the machine from any position.

Basic blank dimensions for various box styles and even specialties can be entered directly on the touch-screen display. Based on this data the optimal machine setup is calculated and the machine is automatically setup. All optimized settings can be stored to each order allowing perfectly reproducing each setup. The machine operator benefits from a wide variety of stored orders easing the workload and ensuring maximum productivity. The business benefits from consistent product quality, minimized setup times and reduced manufacturing costs.

Optionally, all production and machine data can be downloaded onto your specific ERP/MRP system.

Part of the machine control system is an integrated diagnostic system. It captures and processes all service and maintenance related data. To ensure maximum machine availability, the machine can be equipped with the BAHMÜLLER Online Service diagnostic system BOS. It enables our service team to remotely provide service assistance when necessary.

Innovative Quality Inspection

A laser-controlled jam detection system between the modules enables an intelligent clean-out cycle minimizing waste while maintaining an exact quantity count.

The various JETBOX modules can incorporate quality inspection, glue and fold-control systems. The patented UNIQUE EJECT system ejects out of spec boxes at full machine speed.

Additional attachments, i.e. code reader, silicon strip applicator, label and RFID inserter can be incorporated to meet your customer’s Needs.