UNIQUE TURN – Economical Silicone and Tear-Tape application

The BAHMÜLLER UNIQUE TURN station is one of the many options for the TURBOX. A booming Internet commerce puts increasing pressure on the availability of shipping containers that are re-sealable for return shipments. In case of self-sealing applications it is often necessary to have a multi-step manufacturing process. The challenge is to turn the blank within a short distance to apply the self-sealing strip in a 90° offset to the folding score. In dialogue with our customers we developed the UNIQUE TURN module.

The blanks are position in a 90° offset to the folding score in the ACE-feeder from which they are automatically fed into the machine. Following the feeder the UNIQUE TURN module takes control of the blank. In the first segment of the module hotmelt is put down onto which the silicon tape and the tear-thread is applied. The application unit is itself is developed in cooperation with an internationally recognized supplier. Following the blank is turned and aligned followed by the conventional folding process.

The compact construction allows for space-saving manufacturing of silicone applications on a standard specialty folder gluer. Of course, a retrofit of this module is always possible.

The modular construction principle combined with the BOXFLOW®CONTROL and the innovative servo-technology allows for short setup times – ideal for ever decreasing order sizes, and for high-repeat orders for standard packages.

UNIQUE TURN Advantages

  • Single-step process
  • Accurate blank positioning and clean process
  • Integrated setup
  • Machine can be used as a conventional gluer with UNIQUE TURN module installed

Blank sizes mm (inches)
Length 800 – 1800mm (31 ½” x 71”) (will be blank width) diagonal max. 2130mm (84”)

Suitable for
Crash-lock, Crash-lock with divider, RSC, boxes with inner divider, 4-corner, 4-corner with lid

Flutes: A, B, C, E, F, G, EE, EB, BC