Steering Gears

Minimum energy consumption, exceptional driving comfort and high engine smoothness are relevant features for smooth steering movements in the automobile. We have developed a process that covers these requirements for steering gears.

Steering Nut

Specific components and process features:

  • wear-free through hydrostatics
  • highest quality through hydrostatic work piece headstock and linear axes without reversal backlash
  • flexibility in the pitch angle through NC axis (A-axis)
  • optimized cycle time through specific design measures
    • mandrel geometry
    • coolant through grinding wheel
  • simultaneous engineering through independent TEC center

This allows us to achieve:

  • fire and fire crack free processing of the internal thread of the steering nut
  • oscillation optimized processing for FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) in the range of 0.01 µm
  • cycle times in the range of 30 sec. per steering nut
Feature Tolerance (mm) Quality
Innen-Ø Zweikugelmaß -0,01 cmk 2,0
Surface 0,35 µm cmk 1,67
1,80 µm cmk 1,67
1,00 µm cmk 1,67
1,20 µm cmk 1,67
Summenrundlauf zu D 0,005 cmk 1,67
Kontaktwinkel +- 3° cmk 2,0