Centerless external cylindrical grinding is a productive process for mass production of cylindrical work pieces, such as jet needles, cross pins, valves, slides, bearing bodies, etc. In contrast to other cylindrical grinding, the work piece is not friction-locked. Instead, it is located in the so-called grinding gap between the grinding wheel and the control wheel on a work piece support.

Differentiation is made between feed-through grinding and plunge grinding. In the feed-through grinding process, the work pieces are continually conveyed in one direction between the wheels. The largest outside diameter is manufactured to nominal dimension by the narrowing grinding gap. In the plunge grinding process, multiple different diameters or complex contours are normally ground simultaneously in one operation. The control wheel "presses" the work piece into the profile of the grinding wheel.

Benefits of TSCHUDIN centerless technology

  • machine concept - fewer components = more reliability
  • grinding processes - constant through mastery of the thermal growth
  • setup processes – setup data is easy to save and retrieve
  • operating processes - reproducible. Anyone can do it
  • technology transfer – processes can be easily digitally transferred to other production locations

Special features of TSCHUDIN centerless grinding technology:

  • patented 3-axis concept with simple structure with few components
  • 4th CNC axis for height adjustment of control wheel. As a result, product output quantities no longer have to be adjusted
  • CNC-controlled dressing from the start increases precision and flexibility through interpolation of the axes (grinding wheel U/W, control wheel X/W). Any number of profiles can be created
  • uniform cylinder shape and better surfaces through the massive block design of the grinding and control spindle carrier from 100% natural granite
  • changing the support and setup of the dressing tools occurs outside the grinding area. This results in better operability and significantly shorter changeover time
  • loading work pieces for plunge grinding occurs outside of the danger area of the grinding wheel (CE compliant). This enables a plurality of work pieces to be manually loaded onto the support in succession and processed in one cycle
  • when plunge grinding, the work piece can be precisely positioned by means of the hand wheel in the longitudinal axis (W-axis) to the longitudinal stop
  • changeover from pass-through to plunge grinding occurs without mechanical modifications (except for tools)
  • the separation of the loading and the grinding position allows for a fixed position of the coolant nozzles, and therefore optimal cooling during grinding
  • the loading position outside of the grinding zone significantly increases the service life and availability of the loading devices because they are not subjected to aggressive swarf. Crashes in the grinding gap due to dropped work pieces are eliminated

The TSCHUDIN centerless OD grinding machines complete the BAHMÜLLER product range and a new one-step principle extends the BAHMÜLLER supply. 

As a long standing and renowned player in the market of precision grinding, TSCHUDIN knows to excel continuously in the advanced level: knowledge of the market, technological know-how, courage to creative solutions, flexibility, persistence and last but not least the close collaboration with customers.