Ultra Line

Modular, newly developed systems of the super-precise ULTRA-series with linear motor drive technology eliminate the division of internal and external processing.

ULTRAs enable freely placeable combinations at first setup with variable layout of all axes. This means maximum adaptability to new production requirements, defined variable creation, or complementary operations at minimum setup times.
The ULTRAeco series is offered with a simplified axis concept.

General advantages of the ULTRA series:

  • new machine structure for an optimized machine layout, maximal rebuilding flexibility, easy to service
  • speed and optimized auxilliary process time thanks to highly dynamic linear motor axes for all linear movements
  • economically efficient by a reduction of required space, optimized cycle periods and highest availability
  • all possibilities for efficient automation

Technical Data

  • Internal Grinding
    grinding length bore / inner diameter: max. 60mm / 40mm
  • External Grinding
    grinding length / diameter:  max. 200mm / 20mm
  • Center height: 990 / 1198mm (min. / max., incl. mounting elements)
  • Installation area: 12m² - 17m² (with peripheral devices, without KSS system)
  • Weight: approx. 5.000 kg - 11.000 kg (without switch cabinets and assemblies)
  • Compound slide rest
    • max. usable slide path X: 620mm
    • max. usable slide path Z: 250mm
    • max. axis speed: 30m/min
    • smallest step increment: 0,0001mm
    • smallest programmable step: 0,0001mm
  • External grinding spindle (frequency controlled) with direct drive
    • grinding wheel diameter: max. 610mm
      • bore min. / max.: 127 / 203,2mm
      • bore max.: 100mm
    • max. drive power: 12,6 kW
    • wheel peripheral speed: max. 125m/s
  • Internal grinding spindle (frequency controlled) 
    • max. 4 internal grinding spindles
    • drive power: 0,7 - 18kW
    • rotational speed: 21.000 - 200.000 1/Min.
  • Work piece headstock (anti-friction bearing mounted)
    • max. drive power: 3,77 KW
    • rotational speed, continuous: 0 - 4500 1/min
    • expanding cone: MK4
    • max. load between peaks: 50 daN (500N)
    • max. flying load: 4.000 Ncm
  • Work piece headstock (hydrostatic) direct drive
    • max. drive power: 6,77 kW
    • rotational speed, continuous: 0 - 6000 1/min
    • expanding cone: MK4
    • max. load between peaks: 50 daN (500N)
    • max. flying load: 4.000 Ncm
  • Tailstock
    • expanding cone: MK3
    • mandrel path: 30mm
    • cylinder error compensation
      • with servo motor: < 0,0002mm
      • with piezo control: < 0,0001mm

The ALPHA is the most compact basic model of the ULTRA series
ALPHA is defined by 1 tool / 1 machining

Details on ULTRA ALPHA precision grinding machine


Machine concept with two independent, complete machining stations, which are linked to each other via a common, internal automation system: 1 work piece + 2 machining tasks in succession

Details on ULTRA FLOW precision grinding machine


Machine concept with 2 independent, complete machining stations, which are autonomously loaded via a common, internal automation system.  Each tool works on one work piece each: 2 clampings with identical operations 

Details on ULTRA TWINNER precision grinding machine


The SYNCRO, within the system of ULTRA, is defined by the setting of axes and combinations: 2 tools work synchronously on 1 workpiece

Details on ULTRA SYNCRO precision grinding machine