Simultaneous Engineering | Cooperation with Customer

How can we collaboratively reduce your manufacturing costs by up to 30%?

With our experience in the field of manufacturing highly precise production systems for various industrial sectors, we see cooperation with customers in the form of simultaneous engineering as one of the greatest influencing factors in reducing later investment and, consequently, production costs.

Your Benefits

  • expert work piece analysis, already in the project planning phase
  • avoidance of unnecessary processes through goal-oriented process and work piece modification
  • reduction of production costs, even investment savings as applicable
  • best possible cycle times

Project Profile

Customer:corporation company
Services:technology consulting, process design
Application: diesel injection, high pressure pump

Here, we like to evaluate the structural design of the work pieces and the required quality criteria together with our customers, already in the early development phase. The goal of this evaluation is pre-processing and finish processing that is adapted to the final use of the work pieces, allowing investments in production technology, and consequently production costs, to be reduced by up to 30%.

The following measures are at the forefront here:

  • collaborative work piece analysis in the design phase together with our customers
  • development of optimal work piece pre-processing which is adapted to the final manufacturing process