Unit Cost Optimization Through Continuous Improvement

BAHMÜLLER supports its customers in selecting optimal production methods, particularly in the case of new products. Our goal is to enable and guarantee customers the best possible use of the machine for the individual project.

Your Benefits

  • flat ramp-up of startup costs
  • degression of unit costs in series
  • development of process knowledge in relation to production costs

Project Profile

Customer:medium-sized company
Services: productivity increase, process development
Application: turbocharger

The following measures stood at the forefront here:

  • analysis of the production chain (upstream processes) and active Support
  • optimization of production steps in order to achieve the shortest possible cycle times in the grinding process
  • development of startup-oriented processing concepts in order to reduce investment costs 
  • minimal automation solutions with qualities and cycle times of a mass production 
  • simple adapting of automation cells at a later time

Results achieved in the project:

  • continual productivity increase through further development of the machining process
  • optimization of downstream machines 
  • reduction of cycle time (first project) from 83 sec. within short time to 45 sec.
  • continual improvement of unit costs within two years by 34% compared to series startup