Hollow shank taper

Taper sizes HSK32 to HSK160, form A/B/C/E/F/T The hollow shank taper has been established as the modern interface between machine and tool, and is characterized by the following advantages:



  • Smaller (approx. 30 %) and lighter (approx. 50 %) than the steep taper
  • Easier and faster tool change as a result
  • High stiffness due to support on the tool holder via the collar
  • Transfer of torque
  • Frictionally via the taper and contact surface
  • Positive-locking via the driver grooves
  • Jerking loads and large torque can be transferred via positive lock by drivers.
  • Exceptional changeover precision (3 μm), since
  • Axial positioning precision is given by the planar contact on the collar 
  • Concentricity deviations are minimized by the tight taper tolerance
  • Suitable for high speeds, since problems resulting from expansion of the spindle, as are present with the steep taper, do not occur; 2 reasons:
  • The hollow shank taper expands at the same or greater dimension as the spindle due to centrifugal force (produces a clamping force increase) 
  • The planar contact prevents slipping in the axial direction.


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