Steep taper

The steep taper is the standardized form of a tool taper for clamping various tools in the main spindle of a machine tool. The steep taper is standardized in DIN ISO 7388 Part 1. Steep tapers are primarily used in milling machines and milling automation.

Steep taper shanks have the following advantages:

  • No self-locking effect (in contrast to the Morse taper), resulting in easier tool change without clamps. This is particularly important in the case of automatic tool change.
  • Small clamping stroke, resulting in relatively short clamping time
  • High torsional stiffness due to the short distance between blade and spindle bearing (short overall length)

Our range of services includes:

  • A wide range of standard steep taper holders with all common tool clamping systems (e-shop link)
  • Taper sizes from SK30 to SK60 DIN69871 /DIN2080 / MAS BT form A/AD/AD+B
  • Steep tapers with central coolant feed or coolant over the collar or in combined form
  • Custom diameters up to 400mm and a length of 1100mm
  • Steep taper - holders with cassette and turning plate seats
  • Steep taper - holders with vibration dampening 
  • Steep taper custom blanks • Steep taper grinding mandrels 
  • Custom planar contacts and custom holders upon request (Link to request form)