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FEFCO TECHNICAL SEMINAR 2017 - A unique platform for the European and Middle East corrugated producers.


BAHMÜLLER teamed up with Göpfert to attend the intriguing FEFCO Technical Seminar 2017.

Opening was the bi-annual sales meeting with all BAHMÜLLER and BGM sales partners across Europe. News from the headquarters were shared and opinions and feedback from the several markets were analysed. The BAHMÜLLER sales and projects team has been there and many new and old contacts lead to fruitful discussions about the industry’ s future.

3 days full of information from early morning to late evening - always presenters on the stage.

Big Data, Industry 4.0, quality inspection, paper price hike and much more have been the topics on stage. It seems that there is still space for growth – which fits perfectly to the introduction of TURBOX 3200 / 125’’ , POWERPACKER with ATS Banding and DFS – Diagonal Fold Supervision. The FEFCO Team did a pretty good job and called for session always on time – so no one could get lost. Very important and well attended were the SPOTLIGHT sessions – this time our partner Göpfert got the award for best presentation, held by Mrs Bördlein – a new sales engineer @ Göpfert and BGM.


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