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The global shift to fully automated packaging processes continues to accelerate. The reduction of monotonous manual activities with a simultaneous increase in quantity and quality is capturing all conceivable industries as a mega-trend. Sustainability in packaging - cardboard instead of plastic - as a further mega-trend increases the pressure to innovate in this industry.

A decisive task or essential efficiency factor is to master the increasing product variety with decreasing batch sizes. The solution is to use a fully-modular, highly flexible 6-axis robotic cell.

We create the added value in your logistics chain. Efficiency in motion. FEED.

Specific components and process features:

  • Packaging formats 30 x 12 x 80 mm to 120 x 120 x 180 mm (l x w x h)
  • Component weights up to approx. 5 kg (depending on gripper weight)
  • Packaging material box, tray or customer-specific work piece tray
  • Suitable for all common box sealing types
    • Buckle closure
    • Hot glue
    • Combination buckle closure / hot glue
    • Automatic bottom box
  • Labeling via dispenser or integration of individual label printing unit

This allows us to achieve:

Highest precision

  • highest precision through 6-axis industrial robot
  • integrated into a rigid steel frame construction
  • safe product handling through sensitive gripper technology

Low space requirement

  • compact construction with low space requirement – from approx. 4 sqm

Flexibility & efficiency

  • high flexibility through modular design
  • application of robots, thus short set-up and changeover times
  • fast and cost-effective adaptation in case of product changes (e.g. exchanging a mechanical gripper for a vacuum gripper)
  • very good accessibility to electronics, control system etc. through intelligent disposition and sandwich set-up


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