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General Features
As is characteristic of all BAHMÜLLER series, the FLEX has all expansion options, between internal grinding, combined grinding and external grinding. The use of a robot within the machine room is particularly innovative and beneficial.

Consistent alignment to standardized axle arrangement relationships and selective tool arrangements result in cost-efficient and retrofit-flexible solutions for a variety of applications.


Internal Grinding

  • grinding length bore / inner diameter: max. 60mm / 40mm

External Grinding:

  • grinding length / diameter: max. 200mm / 20mm

Center height 1174mm

Installation area:: : 7,5 m² (with peripheral devices, without KSS system)

Weight: approx. 5.000 kg

Compound slide rest

  • max. usable slide path X: 620mm
  • max. usable slide path Z: 250mm
  • max. axis speed: 30m/min
  • smallest step increment: 0,0001mm
  • smallest programmable step: 0,0001mm

External grinding spindle (frequency controlled) with direct drive

  • grinding wheel diameter: max. 610mm
    • bore min. / max.: 127 / 203,2mm
    • bore max.: 100mm
  • max. drive power: 12,6 kW
  • wheel peripheral speed: max. 125m/s

Internal grinding spindle (frequency controlled)

  • max. 4 internal grinding spindles
  • drive power: 0,7 - 18kW
  • rotational speed: 21.000 - 200.000 1/Min.

Work piece headstock (anti-friction bearing mounted)

  • max. drive power: 6,6 kW
  • rotational speed, continuous: 0 - 6000 1/min
  • expanding cone: MK4
  • max. load between peaks: 50 daN (500N)
  • max. flying load: 4.000 Ncm

Work piece headstock (hydrostatic) direct drive

  • max. drive power: 6,77 kW
  • rotational speed, continuous: 0 - 6000 1/min
  • expanding cone: MK4
  • max. load between Peaks: 50 daN (500N)
  • max. flying load: 4.000 Ncm


  • expanding cone: MK3
  • mandrel path: 30mm
  • cylinder error compensation
    • with servo motor: < 0,0002mm
    • with piezo control: < 0,0001mm


Further expansion of the standardization of the basic setup

  • 80% of the basic setup between internal grinding, external grinding in the chuck and external grinding between centers are identical
  • this establishes the basis for "re-use" projects

Pre-defined and pre-designed, fixed arrangement relationships in the project-specific expansion of the basic setup

  • significantly shortened project through-put times (delivery time reduction by 30%)
  • lower risks through lower project-specific proportions
  • higher common part rate

Standardized internal loading by robot

  • reduction of individual engineering proportions in the project
  • parallelization of commissioning of the loading system through simulation options
  • reduced failure risks through standardized mechanisms (robots)
  • remote diagnostics capability

Optional integration of sub-systems within the machine

  • loading by internal robot
  • integration of up to two systems (pre-measurement systems, post-measurement systems, brush systems and small pallet systems)
  • fully autonomous machine incl. pallet handling with optional post-measurement station without external peripherals

Simplified retrofit flexibility

  • general structuring of the series enables extensive dismantling and modification options
  • use of robot for internal loading enables simplified upgrade to additional work piece variants

Modular interface to external Systems

  • unified transfer to external rail, belt, bulk material or pallet feeds
  • faultless operation through debugged interface
  • simple upgrade to higher autonomous systems (start-up orientation)


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