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More grinding machine per square foot
The QUBE combines the uncompromising quality promise of a technology leader with new ideas for economic grinding in highest precision.

The basic principle of the QUBE series is the vertical arrangement of components. The work piece headstock is always above, and the tools below. Like the ULTRA series, the QUBE can also perform internal or external grinding with corresponding axis arrangements. This provides the greatest possible efficiency in the smallest space.


Internal Grinding

  • grinding length bore / inner diameter: max. 60mm / 40mm

External Grinding

  • grinding length / diameter: max. 40mm / 40mm

Center height axis vertical

Installation area: 4,5 m²

Weight: approx. 4.000 kg

Compound slide rest

  • max. usable slide path X: 200mm
  • max. usable slide path Z: 200mm
  • max. axis speed: 15m/min
  • smallest step increment: 0,0001mm
  • smallest programmable step: 0,0001mm

External grinding spindle (frequency controlled) with direct drive

  • grinding wheel diameter: max. 406mm
    • bore min. / max.: 127 mm
    • bore max.: 60mm
  • max. drive power: 8 kW
  • wheel peripheral speed: max. 125m/s

Internal grinding spindle (frequency controlled)

  • max. 2 internal grinding spindles
  • drive power: 0,7 - 18kW
  • rotational speed: 21.000 - 200.000 1/Min.

Work piece headstock (anti-friction bearing mounted)

  • max. drive power: 6,6 kW
  • rotational speed, continuous: 0 - 6000 1/min
  • expanding cone: MK4
  • max. load between peaks: 50 daN (500N)
  • max. flying load: 4.000 Ncm

Work piece headstock (hydrostatic) direct drive

  • max. drive power: 6,77 kW
  • rotational speed, continuous: 0 - 6000 1/min
  • expanding cone: MK4
  • max. load between peaks: 50 daN (500N)
  • max. flying load: 4.000 Ncm


Space savings of up to 75% through

  • consistent vertical grinding machine concept
  • multiple machines can be linked
  • integrated assemblies

Fast loading through

  • simpler internal automation components due to compact vertical design
  • higher dynamics during loading [t=s/v]
  • short distances due to compact shape: Short auxiliary times, fast change times
  • simplified measuring stations (work piece already in measurement position)
  • consistent use of linear drive technology

Energy efficiency through

  • cooling of grinding spindles with coolant instead of water
  • conceptually dispenses with flooding of components
  • peripherals in a simplified version: cooling system, exhaust, fire extinguishing system (air
  • consumption and cooling power up to 30%, power up to 15%)

Wear-free assemblies:

  • hydrostatic axes with ball screw with short-stroke or feed axes: Stiff, fast, wear-free
  • hydrostatic workpiece spindles of the highest precision

Highest thermal stability through:

  • TOP-DOWN coolant guide and minimal thermal load on the vertical machine bed
  • coolant leaves assemblies immediately
  • circulatory flow in the lower machine bed area is thermally insulated, no direct contact with heated coolant

Gravitational use

  • no disruption of the process by chips due to gravity
  • grinding chips flow from the workpiece directly downward
  • no bending stress on vertical spindles or mandrels

Excellent accessibility thanks to compact design

  • movable units offer best Access
  • practically zero-maintenance: Directly driven work spindles (without belts, with life-time grease lubrication or hydrostatic)
  • dense / easily accessible units/devices

Modularity principle

  • open formats for module assemblies on vertical machine bed
  • optimum axle configuration
  • linking of multiple QUBE machines is possible


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