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In the field of gasoline direct injection, differentiation is made between homogeneous injection and stratified.
Particularly in systems with very high pressures (200 bar and more), the injector components (nozzle and jet needle) must withstand high levels of stress.
This results in very high requirements for shape and surface tolerances, for which we offer the optimal solution with our machines.


Specific components and process features:

Pinion Face and Bore Grinding & Revolutionary High Speed Honing

  • Concentricity (to raw tooth flank) < 0.015 mm
  • Runout bore to face 1 < 0.008 mm
  • Runout 2nd face to bore < 0.008 mm
  • Roundness bore < 0.002 mm
  • < 0.003 mm
  • Surface Finish
    • Rk < 0.3
    • Rpk max < 0.2
  • Concentricity fin. part (tooth to flank) < 0.015 mm
  • High speed honing to take off final 15 μm ID bore honing finish to achieve high quality on roundness, straightness and the required typical honing cross structured surface

Cycle time < 9 sec.

This allows us to achieve:

Less invest – Less machines

  • Eliminate the need of gear grinding
  • Clamping in the pitch
  • Reduction of ancillary equipment costs

Less cost per piece

  • Minimized tool costs by exchangeable honing sleeves (abrasives) instead of complex honing tools
  • Most efficient grinding tool – extended wheel life time
  • No resources absorbing „Honing Tool Logistics“

Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Flexibility for easy and quick change-over
  • Change-over time (complete line < 1 h)
  • One platform for operator and maintenance training


Specific components and process features:

Grinding of Gear Shaft by MID clamping

  • OD without inprocess < 0.005 mm
  • OD cylindricity < 0.0025 mm
  • ID without inprocess < 0.005 mm
  • ID cylindricity < 0.0035 mm
  • Cylindricity < 0.003 mm
  • Surface Finish Ra < 0.4
  • Runout ID to OD < 0.006 mm

Cycle time < 120 sec.

Revolutionary MID clamping concept

  • Grinding at the same time on both ends of the work piece to achieve shortest cycle time and best run out quality for all criteria that are ground

This allows us to achieve:

Highest Precision

  • Best quality – Simultaneous internal & external grinding by MID clamping
  • High Precision sequence of processing

Less cost per piece

  • Shortest CT – Simultaneous internal & external grinding by MID clamping
  • Most efficient grinding tool – longest wheel life time
  • Minimized change-over time

Flexibility & Efficiency

  • Integrated robot load / unload system
  • Easy to integrate in production line
  • Small scale – less floor space
  • Flexibility for easy change-over
  • Flexibility for new geometrical workpiece adaptations


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