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Gasoline Injection Technology

In the field of gasoline direct injection, differentiation is made between homogeneous injection and stratified.
Particularly in systems with very high pressures (200 bar and more), the injector components (nozzle and jet needle) must withstand high levels of stress.
This results in very high requirements for shape and surface tolerances, for which we offer the optimal solution with our machines.


Specific components and process features:

  • wear-free through hydrostatics
  • highest quality through hydrostatic work piece headstock and linear axes without reversal backlash
  • automatic bore diameter trend correction (double guide)
  • automatic taper trend correction (B-axis)
  • 2 processing stations on one base (double yield)
  • 2 compound slide rests per machine unit (8 axes)
  • simultaneous grinding, internal and external angle (burr-free, sharp-edged)
  • optimized cycle time through specific design measures:
    • mandrel geometry
    • coolant through grinding wheel
    • coolant through work piece spindle
  • simultaneous engineering through independent TEC-center

This allows us to achieve:

  • highly precise angle tolerance
  • burr-free, sharp-edged
  • max. angle spread < 0.10° (outside angle)
  • max. spread, roundness on internal seat: < 0.18 µm  (Roundness max. 0.3)
  • roundness bore < 0.2 μm


Spezifische Komponenten und Prozessfeatures:

  • verschleißfrei durch Hydrostatik
  • höchste Qualität durch Werkstückspannung im Rollenaggregat und umkehrspielfreie Linearachsen
  • 2 Außenschleifeinheiten (Schleifscheiben) simultan im Eingriff
  • simultanes Schleifen hinterer und vorderer Sitzwinkel (gratfrei, scharfkantig)
  • Schleifen Nadelführung
  • Inprozess-Messtechnik
  • Simultaneous Engineering durch unabhängiges TEC-Center

This allows us to achieve:

  • angle spread max. 0.070°
  • diameter spread 0.0026 mm
  • concentricity, seat to guide (spread) 0.06 μm
  • seat angle roundness (spread) 0.09 μm
  • guide roundness (spread) 0.22 μm


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