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Honing is machining with geometrically undefined cutting edges. The multi-edge
tools perform a cutting movement consisting of two components. Honing is used for finish-processing of bores.

During honing, all tools (honing elements) are engaged. As a result of the drawing and rotating movement between the honing element and the work piece, the honed surfaces exhibit intersecting machining grooves and are matte to slightly brilliant. (source: DIN 8589-14 Honen)

Special features of BAHMÜLLER finish technology:

  • Vorschleifen und Fertighonen in einer Spannung
  • Honprozess ohne kardanisch-geführte Werkzeuge bzw. Werkzeugaufnahmen
  • Rotation des Werkstückes im Spannfutter für die Schleifbearbeitung ermöglicht Honprozess mit nicht-rotierendem Honwerkzeug
  • Optionale Abrichttechnologie für Honwerkzeuge

Your Benefits

  • high process reliability through dressable diamond finish tools
  • long tool service life, as with self-sharpening tools
  • high degree of machine availability through fewer tool changes
  • higher accuracies through process integration in the grinding machine (avoidance of reclamping errors between grinding and finishing machine)
  • cost reduction through elimination of in-process control

We individually adapt to our customers‘ requirements and develop together with our business partner, Degen Maschinenbau GmbH, the best solutions to your demand and specifications.

"With nearly fifty years of experience, Degen machine tools has successfully positioned itself as a reliable manufacturer of high quality tools and efficient technologies in the fields of high speed honing machines, surface grinding machines and deep hole drilling machines."

Our mutual objective is mainly geared towards quality and performance! With the highest accuracy in precision grinding and honing we consequently persist in pursuing our target of remaining market-leading and innovative.


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