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One FEED for all need
The FEED is a fully autonomous standardized 6-axes robot loading cell suitable for all BAHMÜLLER grinding machines as well as third-party products with defined modular interface.

Our innovative sandwich-design solution takes less of your valuable space. The FEED handling is outlaid for bulk material as well as for single pallets with transfer via drawers, belts, palletizing systems or stacking modules.



  • Control system S7 Siemens
  • Power requirement 400V / 50 Hz 2.5 kVA 16 A
  • Electrical connection height 2.237 mm
  • Module installation height (table height) 935 mm
  • Pneumatics 6 bar
  • Air consumption max. (option related) 8 m3
  • Footprint 1650 x 830 mm
    Weight 1.600 kg


  • Robot type RS007LFF60 Kawasaki
  • Protection class IP67
  • Net load max. 7 kg
  • Speed max. 12,000 mm/s
  • Positioning accuracy ± 0.03 mm

Workpiece storage

  • Drawer system min. 4 blank pallet
    • Pallet size max. 200 x 400 mm
    • Net load per drawer max. 30 kg
  • IN-OUT belt system min. 5 blank pallet
    • Pallet size max. 200 x 400 mm
    • Net load per belt max. 75 k
  • Bulk material
  • Palletizing system
  • Stacking module

Modules (standard)

  • Workpiece transfer shuttle (key hole)
  • SPC / NOK Drawer

Modules (optional)

  • Pre-measuring unit
  • Post-measuring unit
  • Cleaning station
  • DMC Code Reader (PokaYoke)
  • Workpiece orientation
  • Further optional modules as required


ModulareModular basic concept

  • Workpiece handling by internal 6-axes robot
  • Fully autonomous including pallet handling
  • Outstanding space-saving overall concept through innovative sandwich design
  • Standardized basic modules: Shuttle, SPC / NOK
    .- Integration possibilities of optional modules
  • High standardization level by fixed arrangement of modules in the main level

Application areas

  • Suitable for all BAHMÜLLER machines
  • Suitable for all third-party products with defined modular interface
  • Loading and unloading of machine tools
  • Loading and unloading of testing and assembly systems

Standardized internal loading by 6-axes robot

  • Reduction of individual engineering per project
  • Parallel commissioning of the loading system through simulation
  • Reduced failure risks through standardized mechanisms (robot)
  • Remote diagnostics capability

Simplified retrofit flexibility

  • Modular basis concept of the system enables extensive retrofit and modification options
  • Use of robot for internal loading enables simplified upgrade to additional work piece variants

Modular interface to external systems

  • Unified transfer to external rail, belt, bulk material or pallet feeds
  • Faultless operation through debugged interface
  • Simple upgrade to higher autonomous systems (start-up orientation)


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