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Corrugated board is the universal shipping container substrate – rugged, light weight and flexible – that can be printed in a high-graphic multi-color process and makes the perfect Point of Purchase (POP) item.
Whether coming from an on-line shipper, through e-commerce, or a conventional retail outlet, all products are supposed to arrive free of damage at their destination. Shipping containers made of corrugated board are very economical and provide the necessary product protection. The enormous strength of corrugated board makes for a light design concept to benefit an efficient and cost-attractive transport of goods.

High quality print, special markings, and the various design options of the package opens up a wide variety of options for an attractive product presentation.

Corrugated board was invented in the USA in1871 by the American Albert Jones. To this date corrugated board stands for a sustainable product. Corrugated is made of different liner and medium paper grades. The various flute designs and paper grades provide the necessary product protection and also influence the print quality that can be applied. Today, corrugated board is mostly produced from recycled paper.

The layers of corrugated medium and the liner board are glued together. Depending on the purpose single-, double- or triple flute are in use.

The protective function of the shipping container is achieved through the fiber optimized design of the product. Multi-piece packaging cost-effectively maximizes product protection.

Corrugated is sustainable packaging. It is a natural product and is 100% recyclable achieving a complete fiber cycle. Corrugated board is a good printing substrate. This way board can be converted into plain brown shipping containers or can be converted into high-gloss displays of all colors and designs.


BAHMÜLLER – Passion as guarantor of maximum productivity and return of investment:

You are a producer of corrugated board in an integrated converting process and are looking for fully inter-connected converting equipment? BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®Solution is the perfect choice for your converting needs for any budget and for any plant size, offering dependable availability and sustainability. We manufacture high-output and setup friendly corrugated converting systems giving you maximum productivity and a high rate of return


BAHMÜLLER - Modularity and flexibility as a foundation for your production:

As a corrugated converter you receive your sheets in various formats, board grades and from different suppliers and you are looking for an easy and setup-friendly corrugated converting machine that is designed for small to medium size order lots? BAHMÜLLER BOXFLOW®Solutionoffers the right equipment configurations for all sealing methods and all levels of Automation.


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