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The multi-piece feeder TOPMATCHER is the perfect addition to your BAHMÜLLER specialty folder gluer. In 2009 the TOPMATCHER was awarded the FEFCO Innovation price. With this multi-functional feeder, you can cost effectively produce at high-speed Shelf-Ready Packaging. In addition, the TOPMATCHER provides you with the opportunity to design and produce future-oriented packaging aimed to incorporate multiple recycled substrates to provide sustainable packaging Solutions.

Up to three blanks of various substrates can be combined in the TOPMATCHER. Precise positioning, a wide variety of design configuration and high production speeds make the TOPMATCHER an outstanding choice.

Shelf-Ready Packaging is the solution to cost per production unit reduction within the supply chain. The multi-piece feeder TOPMATCHER provides you with the opportunity to produce two-piece packaging for the consumer products industry at consistently high-speed and high accuracy. SRP is the optimum product to ensure transport protection and shelf appeal. For the retailer it also means product protection, injury free unpacking and highly efficient point-of-purchase positioning.

The TOPMATCHER provides an opportunity to create innovative packaging solutions that incorporate fiber saving and, higher package performance, compared to single-piece package offerings. The TOPMATCHER also opens the door to combining packaging made of multiple substrates. The following advantages translate to actual savings of up to 40%:

  • Substitute double wall for single flute by integrating reinforcement panels to retain box compression values ECT / BCT.
  • Reinforce a high-value add printed E-flute box with a standing B-flute inlet.
  • Combine folding carton substrates with reinforcement made of corrugated board.

Material savings as well as flexible substrate combinations provide an opportunity for converters to provide cost-optimized alternatives and thus strengthen your competitive Position.

When producing single-piece packaging the TOPMATCHER performs like a standard feeder without sacrificing run speed or ease of operation. Fast setups between single- and multi-piece designs are assured.


  • High-capacity output
  • Exact blank positioning
  • Minimum setup times
  • Fast change-over from single-piece to multi-piece designs
  • Compact module
  • Can be combined with the TURBOX and JETBOX specialty folder gluers

Blank sizes mm (inches)
max. 1500 x 2300 (59” x 93”)

Suitable for
Crash-lock boxes, crash-lock with partition, RSCs, boxes with dividers, 4-corner, 4-corner with lid, 6-corner in and outfold, and many more

Solid board from 450 g/sqm, (92 lbs/msf)
Flutes: A, B, C, E, F, G, EE, EB, BC

The modular construction principle supported by BOXFLOW®CONTROL and innovative servo-drive technology makes for fast setup times – particularly for those converters running short orders, a lot of repeat business, or guarantee quick deliveries. The multi-piece feeder TOPMATCHER was developed by a team of experts to meet the demands for cost control of standard products in the area of Shelf-Ready. The unit is compact requiring only 2.5 m (8ft) of additional space compared to a standard feeder.


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