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A perfectly trained production staff is the foundation for efficient use of your investments. The relocation of production capacities to low-wage countries with a lower density of skilled workers for structural reasons makes this even more difficult.

That's why we have developed a comprehensive training program for your personnel, from which you can select components for your individual needs. The training can be performed at our main plant in Plüderhausen or on site at your facilities. Multi-lingual training, as well as flexibly designed content, are available upon request.

We are happy to advise you on the following training components we offer:


  • shortened employee learning curve
  • reduction of error costs
  • shortening of meat-time-to-repair (MTTR)
  • operator group-spanning, standardized know-how
  • optimal training of your personnel in basic knowledge + special features
  • increased utilization level of your machine
  • improved production flow
  • best use of machine options
  • customized design of your training needs
Operator training / Duration 1 day / max. 4 people

for operators + beginners


  • getting to know the operating interface + machine control panel
  • activating/deactivating grinding machine
  • moving work piece spindles
  • axis designations + coordinate systems
  • moving axes
  • preselections
  • automatic functions
  • producing with the grinding machine in automatic mode
Fitter Training / Duration 1-2 days / max. 4 people

for fitters, experienced operators + participants of operator training


  • brief revisiting of operator training content
  • setting up the grinding machine
  • setting + correcting work piece zero points
  • setting + correcting dressing zero points
  • measuring grinding machine as applicable
  • automatic + setup functions
  • grinding + dressing process
  • editing grinding + dressing parameters
  • machine-specific functions
Mechanical Maintenance Training / Duration 1-2 days / max. 4 people

for mechanical maintenance personnel, machine operators + fitters


  • maintenance + inspection lists
  • lubricants
  • cleaning the grinding machine
  • pressure relief system (exhaust)
  • viewing panels
  • changing grinding spindle(s) (theoretical)
  • work piece headstock
  • work piece clamping device
  • maintaining assemblies
  • changing grinding tools / dressing tools as applicable
  • maintenance units
  • maintaining automation as applicable
Electrical maintenance Training 840D Powerline / Duration 1 day / max. 4 people

for electrical maintenance personnel, machine operators + fitters


  • performing data backup
  • checking servo axis adjustments
  • checking work piece spindle in guide frequency response
  • checking work piece spindle in setpoint step change
  • initial commissioning / replacement absolute measure
  • replacement of an NCU
  • backing up hard drive with NORTON GHOST
  • ghost backup via network cable
  • ghost restore via network cable
  • ghost backup to USB drive
  • ghost restore from USB drive
  • retract axes
  • external control devices
Electrical Maintenance Training MTX / Duration 1 day / max. 4 people

for electrical maintenance personnel, machine operators + fitters


Creating data backup

  • external data backup Pilz PNOZMulti
  • external data backup Dittel
  • external data backup drives
  • data backup, entire project
  • Acronis hard disk image

Restoring data backup

  • restoring Acronis image
  • restoring IndraWorks project
  • loading Pilz project
  • loading drive firmware / drive data
  • loading Dittel data
Electrical maintenance training 840D, Solutionline / Duration 1 day / max. 4 people

for electrical maintenance personnel, machine operators + fitters


  • BAHMÜLLER data backup concept
  • data backup list
  • creating + saving alarm log
  • resource search based on displayed fault message
  • creating + restoring serial commissioning
  • restoring serial commissioning
  • saving + restoring external data
  • ASEM PC image via Acronis
Assembly Training / 1-3 days / max. 4 people

for machine operators, fitters, mechanical maintenance personnel


  • alignment of basic structures, incl. geometric acceptance of assemblies
  • variants of grinding machines
  • variants + setup of work piece headstock
  • variants + setup of grinding headstock
  • variants + setup of linear-guided systems
  • replacement of ball screw on Z-axis
  • table saddle assembly
Dressing + Grinding Program Training / Duration ½ -1 day / max. 4 people

for experienced fitters + participants of operator / fitter training


  • setup + content of work piece folder
  • copying + editing work pieces
  • explaining and editing dressing programs + parameters
  • explaining + editing grinding program parameters
  • re-translating grinding program
  • entering grinding program Parameters
  • hiding grinding cycles
  • The training does not include a basic course in the NC programming language!

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